GenXYZ aims to inspire clients to LIVE better, DO better and always AIM for BETTER. We offer professional step-by-step guidance, blogger advice & personalized, directed courses to help our clients reach their highest potential and accomplish their goals. 

Counseling & Advising

We listen & analyse of your situation carefully. We'll discuss potential options and explain the expected outcomes to ensure that we thoroughly understand your goals.

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Academic Advising

Find your match in an academic program. Our advisors are amazing at helping clients find their passion and then connecting them with programs that will best meet their academic needs.


Personal Counseling

Get matched with counselors who check in regularly depending on your needs. In this fast-paced world and with everything that happens on a daily basis, it's important to have someone to talk to. Our counselors take detailed notes, help clients to resolve problems and connect them with available resources if necessary.

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Career Guidance

Manage your career development by process of identifying your individual work identity.


Recruitment & Placement

We connect you with tools and experts in your desired field. Whatever your needs, we help facilitate the process of finding the solution that works best for your situation.


Work Placement

Connect with companies that reflect and represent your beliefs and values. We help our clients find that match in an environment that will help them grow and reach their potential.


Academic Placement

Get help applying and gaining admission into your selected program. It's not always smooth navigating through institutions' websites. Our experts know the ins and outs of various application processes and they follow-up on applications to ensure that you get in.


Coaching & Training

We set you up with personalized 'How To' and 'Must Know' support guides. It's important to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary tools to maintain what we have set up so that you can achieve your big or small goals on a long-term basis.

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Professional Skills Training

Training in networking, big-picture thinking, presentation skills, career planning, coaching and mentorship, communication, problem solving, financial literacy, leadership, management, and negotiation.


We match clients with agents based on preferred learning and teaching methods. Connect with experts to get the help that you need. Learn from others who have proven to have mastered what you are looking to learn. Private and group tutoring available.


Life Skills Coaching

Empowering clients by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives. We match clients with experts that suit their learning needs to make sure that we lift our clients up by pushing them in a way that truly motivates them.