My Body, My Vehicle

Whether you are a fitness junky, a couch potato, or just a regular in between - read this as a reminder to keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies really are our vehicles and we say this in a literal sense. There are definitely philosophical explanations for this but to keep it simple, we mean it in the sense that we need our bodies to take us from point A to point B. Just like a vehicle, in order to function properly, our bodies require fuel and regular maintenance. We need to eat, sleep, exercise at an appropriate level in order to think, move, dream, breathe, digest and even poop properly.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

Stay Fit... 

Stay Healthy

That last bit may have been a bit much, but we're trying to make a point here. We can actually tell quite a bit about ourselves (diet and exercise levels) just from how we move, breathe, digest, etc. The food we put into our bodies allows our bodies to function at a certain level. We don't all consume the same food because our bodies have adapted in different ways; however, we all respond to the food that we eat.

What we eat and how often we exercise, are closely connected. If we are not exercising enough, our body doesn't digest the foods that we eat. At the same time, if we do not eat what our bodies need us to eat, we don't move the way we want to move either.

there needs to be a delicate balance for us to be at a healthy points of our lives. For those 'do-it-yourselves' type people, start listening to your body and do some research on what you can eat and how you can exercise to be more healthy.

For the rest of our readers interested in a more one-on-one consultation, message us to speak with an expert and make a personalized plan that will help you be more healthy!

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