Mission and Vision

GenXYZ aims to inspire the next generation of global citizens through our fundraisers, workshops and programs.

Our mission is to empower individuals working towards bettering themselves. Whether you're a student, an immigrant, an entrepreneur, working on personal development, or working on growing your business, you can find resources here. We use the power of the platform and our power in numbers to get great deals, discounts, mentorship & funding opportunities for our members. We also use profits generated from events and various activities to help communities in need.


- GenXYZ works to raise money to invest in sustainable community development projects.

- Sustainability is key in our vision as it allows for us to impact change in a big way. This allow for continuous, generational growth rather than creating dependency.

- In order for projects to be sustainable, community leaders and project managers must be empowered. Once they are empowered, they can pass on their teachings to others and further empower their communities. For this reason, we are able to justify investing large amounts of money into various academic programs.

Gender equality is a must-have in sustainable community development. Projects will be specifically implemented in communities willing to cooperate with our gender equality standards as they tend to have the highest opportunity for success.

- The key to our success is and will be collaboration. Through collaboration with the right academic institutions and through partnership with investors of the right mindset, GenXYZ will manage to impact lives exponentially on a global scale.