There are many ways to contribute to our community. You should apply to become an intern if you have an interest or skill-set in one of the following:

1) Writing: This is for our artsy people who have a natural pen to paper touch. If you have an interest in writing, or have an opinion that you want heard, then you should join our GenZeen and help us inspire our readers to lead healthy, educated, fulfilled lives! 

2) Youtubing: If you enjoy being in front of the camera, enjoy editing videos and have something to talk about, we would love to have you join our Marketing Program. Alternatively, if you already have a Youtube channel, let us know where you reside and we will link to it if your videos apply to our topics of discussion!

3) Business Management/Ownership: Business Management/Ownership is NOT easy and generally not a position many people enjoy being in; however, some of us are very much drawn to it. if you're the organized, meticulous type who enjoys overseeing tasks and projects, you should join our Entrepreneurship Program. We'll teach you everything from start to finish and set you up to fly in this direction.

4) Mentorship: Some of us are natural leaders and educators. If you believe that you have the ability to communicate your thoughts onto another human-being, join our Mentorship Program and we'll put your skills to the test. People like you are hard to find, and we want to make sure that we find the best!

5) Event planning: This one's for the 'work hard, play hard' group of individuals. We're looking for that special blend of BOTH. In order to run a successful event, we need to be able to actually plan the event. If you have experience organizing events, professionally or during your spare time, join this program! We're looking for the drive more than anything else. We'll teach you the rest.


Note: You must be an existing member in order to be considered for application.