celebration of life
When it comes to planning a funeral, many people don't like talking about it. It is, understandably, a very difficult conversation to have. Most of us don't know how to react when we are faced with the death of a loved one. GenXYZ is here in affiliation with funeral homes in the Greater Vancouver area to help you through this difficult time. We will walk you through this difficult time, and help you find all the resources necessary to plan the next steps.
We are also available to help you and your loved ones make pre-planning arrangements so that you can protect the ones you love most from having to deal with the above mentioned situation. We encourage our members to get in touch with us and have the difficult decision as soon as possible. In time you will realise that this conversation is more about protecting the ones you love, than about death. Take the next simple step and contact us to learn more about what you may not already know.