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Your home should be where you rest, where you can be yourself. Find the perfect home that suits your needs!
Buying: Vancouver is officially one of the most expensive cities in the world! It's not easy finding a suitable, affordable place. This Guide walks you through ways you can invest your time, money and energy into buying your own place in an affordable way!
Renting: With renting costs being what they are today, it's almost impossible to afford an apartment by yourself at a reasonable cost. We do our best to place you according to your needs within our community database, while trying to remain within your affordability.
Homestay: Finding the right family for homestay is not an easy task. The fitting is often uncomfortable and results in unwanted study abroad experiences. Do yourself a favour and find homestay placement with a GenXYZ home-owner. We assess your personality, age and requirements before we place you with a suitable family so that you can focus on accomplishing your goals!